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Introducing The 'AND' Series!  ~'s not flowers?????

"'s not flowers???"

Yes - it's true! While I still enjoy painting the lovliness of flowers and nature, my latest series, since November, 2016, has taken on a new focus. After the Presidential Election results came in, announcing Trump as our new President, I felt a strong urge to create paintings to address our current situation.

To be honest, I was (and am) nervous to debut this new series because it is a radical departure from my previous work. I felt compelled to answer my inner calling to respond through art to create a positive impact, and decided to take a deep breath, up my courage levels, and paint the 'AND Series!

The "AND Series" is an exploration of the healing concept of the word, 'and.' For me, the word 'and' is expansive, inclusive, abundant, and offers a whole realm of gray, in between the black 'or' white, where opportunities and possibilities exist and are waiting to be explored!

The artwork from this series, like all my art series, is a personal and emotional response to life. In these current, uncertain times, I was filled with fear, upset, and mistrust with our world leaders, including our own Donald Trump. When I went into the art studio, I was not at all inspired, and in fact, I forced myself to paint because painting is healing for me. It is the way I tap into my highest wisdom.

The first painting I did, "A Prayer for Peace," began as an emotional gut response of spilling black tears and blood on a map of the world. However, my highest power began flowing through me, and would not let me sit in fear. Instead, it sparked in me a thought, "How can the world heal?" Ideas such as tolerance, understanding, acceptance, inclusion, cooperation and collaboration came to me. I realized that all of those ideas were summed up in the word, "and." Thus, the "AND" series was born.


It will debut this Saturday, September 23rd at the Museum of Art and History!

I am excited to debut the 'AND' Series at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz as part of the Indivisible ResistFest from 2pm - 6pm, Saturday, Sept. 23rd!

* Join me in the MAH's Garden Room for a collaborative art piece, "Expanding the American Flag; Creating a Collective Vision For What The American Flag Represents."

Santa Cruz Open Studios!

I am also presenting the work at Open Studios, Oct 14th & 15th.

As a special presentation of the series, I am also hosting a mini-Art Inspired Salon! Please join us for an engaging, art-inspired, conversation!

Open Studios


Date: Oct 14 & 15, 2017

Time: 11am - 5pm

Art Salon - 1pm - 2pm

Address: 1015 Pleasant Valley Road, Aptos, CA 95003

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