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STS Artful Political Action at The Museum of Art and History

What is the silver lining of Trumps presidency? In my opinion his dark tenure has catalyzed people to move out of a state of political passivity to radically taking to streets to make their voices heard! It is my hope that now that people are speaking up, that it will end the era of big money only having the ear of our representatives. With this new found massive political action that people are engaging in, our representatives will have to weigh in the opinion of what the People want when making decisions!

In the past, I was one of those people who was quite politically passive. After Trump's election, I started making political/social art, hosting conversation events and art salons to promote meaningful conversation and connection and joined Santa Cruz Indivisible.

I was honored to be a part of the SC Indivisible event at Santa Cruz Art Museum!

I had three pieces on exhibit there. My favorite was an interactive piece, 'Expanding the American Flag.' I invited people to expand the flag to include what their vision is for America and what they want to see our flag represent.

Here are some fun photos from the day.

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