STS Sculptures at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History!

Resurrection, 2016 | This piece is about the moment when the spirit heals after a traumatic event and comes back to life.

The Eye of Wisdom, 2016 | This piece is about all the wisdom we gain from going through hard times in life.

In addition to painting, I have also express myself through ceramic sculpture. The Black Heart Series is a personal narrative about experiencing a heartfelt trauma and healing to become stronger from it. It's not only me, everyone goes through traumatic things in life....losing a loved one, painful accidents, romantic heartbreaks etc. This series is about hope. Even though these traumatic events can make life seem bleak, our spirt is strong. With time and practicing loving kindness towards oneself, the spirit slowly heals and comes back to life stronger and more vibrant.

The Black Heart Series are meant to be seen at various times throughout the day, because they show the metamorphic transformation of the heart going from traumatic, heart-break death state to bursting open with life again.

The ceramic hearts, when viewed in the day time appear dark, like they have died.

Then, as the sun goes down, you can see that there is a light radiating from within the heart and it spills out through cracks in the surface. This represents the time when the spirit comes back to life and breaks the heart open to love again. (There is actually a small, electric tea light within the heart that shines through parts of the heart where I carved all the way through the clay.)

I am honored that two of the hearts from the series have been selected to be featured in the Santa Cruz Art Museum's two-year long exhibit, "The Chamber of Heart and Mystery.'

This show is the most beautifully curated show I have witnessed and I highly recommend visiting it and exploring all the treasures within it!

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