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The Google Commission - Part 2

Hello again,

After doing research on the hundreds of wildflowers that are native to San Francisco, it was time to create the concept painting. The concept painting is what I submitted to the design board at Google for approval and it was a miniature version of the final painting.

For the concept painting, I did roughly 100 sketches of different compositional layouts, featuring varying flora. In addition, it's in this stage that I experimented with the color palette.

Here are some photos from the concept painting process:

I began doing several watercolor studies of various flowers and combinations of flowers.

Then, I began sketching on large pieces of paper - 4 feet x 5 feet (1/4 of the size of the final painting). The sketches are done with ink and pastel.

Concept Painting WIP

Here is the final concept painting that I submitted for approval. Luckily, they loved it as much as I did!

Final Concept Painting

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