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Interactive 'AND' Series @ the SCAL!

The Santa Cruz Art League is hosting a PopUp INTERACTIVE solo exhibition of The 'AND' Series!

My vision for the 'AND' Series is to take it out into the world, and use the paintings' topics to encourage the viewer to take a moment to pause and reflect. How does this issue affect my life? How is it playing out in the wider world? What is my story? ... And where does my story originate from?

I believe that by reflecting on what our values and beliefs are, and what are their sources, we better understand ourselves with more self-awareness. By examining our belief systems, we can decide whether or not they are serving us and the greater population at large. We can CHOOSE our actions, rather than simply subconsciously react. In addition, we can consciously decide how we want to show up in the world and contribute to making it a world we want to live in.

With this interactive exhibit, I hope to take it a step further. I invite the viewers to journal their thoughts, ideas, solutions, personal stories and experiences and share them with others. I believe that by authentically sharing our stories and viewpoints in a loving, nonjudgmental environment, we can both be witnessed and witness what is happening for others.

I hope that this exchange or authentic sharing, witnessing, and listening promotes a deeper understanding of one another and fosters compassion for our fellow citizens. I pray for peace and this is my way of helping us to get there.

If you live in the area, I welcome you to join us for an interesting evening of art inspired thoughtful conversation and meaningful connection!

Hope to see you there!

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