The Google commission - Part 1

Hello! I am thrilled to announce that the long-term project that I have been working on has come to fruition! It has been a year long process, and I thought I would share each of the phases with you. PART 1: Research for the Concept Painting About a year ago, I met with the Google design team for their new San Francisco location, Two Rincon. It was thrilling - I presented to their entire team and had the joy of collaborating with them to create a custom commissioned painting that refected San Francisco's roots and natural beauty. It was an 8 foot x 10 foot painting of native wildflowers. The scale of the painting is so large that one feels as though they can step into the beautiful bota

STS Sculptures at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History!

Resurrection, 2016 | This piece is about the moment when the spirit heals after a traumatic event and comes back to life. The Eye of Wisdom, 2016 | This piece is about all the wisdom we gain from going through hard times in life. In addition to painting, I have also express myself through ceramic sculpture. The Black Heart Series is a personal narrative about experiencing a heartfelt trauma and healing to become stronger from it. It's not only me, everyone goes through traumatic things in life....losing a loved one, painful accidents, romantic heartbreaks etc. This series is about hope. Even though these traumatic events can make life seem bleak, our spirt is strong. With time and pract

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