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The Google commission - Part 1

Hello! I am thrilled to announce that the long-term project that I have been working on has come to fruition!

It has been a year long process, and I thought I would share each of the phases with you.

PART 1: Research for the Concept Painting

About a year ago, I met with the Google design team for their new San Francisco location, Two Rincon. It was thrilling - I presented to their entire team and had the joy of collaborating with them to create a custom commissioned painting that refected San Francisco's roots and natural beauty. It was an 8 foot x 10 foot painting of native wildflowers. The scale of the painting is so large that one feels as though they can step into the beautiful botanical world of San Francisco.

Here are some photos of the research process. Enjoy!

I spent many a day out exploring in the San Francisco parks.

Prime places to witness the natural beauty of SF"s native wildflowers are in the protect parklands. Sadly, there are many wildflowers that are endangered due to habitat loss and environmental changes. The parks play an important role in preserving San Francisco's native bio-diversity.

Check out the Presidio Park and Golden Gate park from Jan-Sept for breathtaking wildflower beauty.

Can you believe this beauty is native to San Francisco? It's the Douglas Iris - how lucky are we to see these growing wild in SF!

Photographing SF's native wildflowers!

Research! Spent many a day at the library!

Research at the library

The "Research Wall" --- It's 8 feet high and 20 feet long! Wow!

The research wall in my art studio!

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