The Santa Cruz Art League is hosting a PopUp INTERACTIVE solo exhibition of The 'AND' Series!

My vision for the 'AND' Series is to take it out into the world, and use the paintings' topics to encourage the viewer to take a moment to pause and reflect.  How does this iss...

October 10th - The grand opening of Google's new San Francisco location at Two Rincon.

This evening was extra special to me.  It was a celebration of year long project; one that I am very honored and proud to have done.  I am grateful to Google because I believe they re...

Installation Day!

This was a crazy day!  I built the canvas and painted the painting in my art studio.  In order to get the painting, 8 feet tall and 10 feet wide, out of my art studio, I had to dis-assemble it to get it through the door!

Then, I had a team ready to...

Part 3 - the painting process was my absolute favorite part of this project!  I am so grateful to Google to have the opportunity to paint a painting - not a simplified mural - rather an in-depth painting on such a large scale!

When I paint, I love to MOVE!  I play music...

Hello!  I am thrilled to announce that the long-term project that I have been working on has come to fruition!  

It has been a year long process, and I thought I would share each of the phases with you.

PART 1:  Research for the Concept Painting 

About a year ag...

Resurrection, 2016 |  This piece is about the moment when the spirit heals after a traumatic event and comes back to life.

The Eye of Wisdom, 2016 | This piece is about all the wisdom we gain from going through hard times in life.

In addition to painting, I have also exp...

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STS Sculptures at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History!

September 1, 2018

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